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Allen & Desnoyers LLP provides legal and consulting services to not-for-profit corporations of all types from churches and charities to asscoiations and political action committees. Whether you are interested in forming or managing a not-for-profit organization, our attorneys can guide you through the relevant requirements and filings and can assist in organizational policy development. Our attorneys have first-hand knowledge of not-for-profit organizations, as well as decades of experience in senior positions within New York State government. Combining our deep experience in the workings of not-for-profit organizations with a diversity of legal experience in key areas (e.g., real estate, labor law, administrative law), our attorneys serve as skilled advisors to not-for-profits. Additionally, our attorneys presently serve as members of a number of not-for-profit boards in New York State.

Depending on your particular needs, the attorneys at Allen & Desnoyers LLP can assist you with:

  • forming a corporate entity, including drafting and filing necessary documents;
  • defining roles and rules for board members, officers, staff and membership;
  • establishing internal policies relating to, for example, codes of conduct, ethics, compensation packages and personnel management;
  • acquiring and maintaining tax exempt status;
  • insurance requirements;
  • developing a mission statement and strategic plan;
  • instituting development goals and strategies;
  • purchasing policies;
  • enterprise risk management;
  • compliance;
  • litigation services; and
  • political and lobbying activities.

Particularly for not-for-profit corporations seeking tax-exempt status, it is critically important to be aware of and follow the State and federal laws and judicial decisions that set the rules for your operations. Let Allen & Desnoyers LLP provide the guidance, advocacy and services you need to run and grow a successful not-for-profit organization. 

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

– Winston Churchill

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