Government Relations

Legal, legislative and regulatory developments have a significant impact upon all businesses and operations. Allen & Desnoyers LLP provides a full range of government relations services with the benefit of decades of public sector experience. Our lawyers have worked closely with senior decision makers at all levels of government within New York State, and continue to maintain these positive relationships. Our attorneys have been principal authors of seminal legislation (e.g. VLT legislation, Superfund Brownfield Act of 2003 and NYS Technology Law).

Our services are tailored to facilitate required or strategic interactions with legislative, administrative and regulatory entities. A&D provides clients guidance, representation and advocacy before legislative, administrative and regulatory bodies.  We can advise and assist in our clients' proactive involvement in the development of the law, regulations and policies that may affect them, whether through the drafting of legislative proposals, scheduling of personal meetings, participation in hearings and rule-making proceedings or submission of written petitions and comments. We track legislation that may affect our clients and their business, intervening when appropriate to protect and advance the interests of our clients.

"OK, you've convinced me. Now go out there and bring pressure on me."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

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