Compliance, Ethics and Public Integrity

Allen & Desnoyers LLP
 provides clients with professional advice and representation in all areas of legal compliance, ethics and public integrity. We assist clients in navigating the complex maze of ethics rules, procurement guidelines, compliance requirements, best practices, lobbying rules, audit reporting requirements and government investigations. Our lawyers are prepared to review, develop and assist clients in the implementation of ethics and compliance programs, which we will design to prevent and detect regulatory violations by the business and its employees. In furtherance of a compliance program, A&D can also provide advice to companies seeking to ensure that clients have in place comprehensive programs to guide them, and that their organizational culture promotes legal compliance and ethical behavior. 

A&D compliance assistance can include services - including policy development, document preparation, training and monitoring - and advice on a range of corporate governance and management issues, such as:

  • board of directors and committee composition;
  • corporate practices and procedures;
  • corporate documents, including, for example: board committee charters, governance guidelines, codes of conduct; directors' duties and responsibilities; and other corporate policies;
  • CEO/CFO certifications;
  • sexual harassment law and policy; and
  • compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.
In the interest of protecting our clients from liability for corporate or employee misconduct, we are also able to conduct compliance reviews, background checks, training and investigations.
"Relativity applies to physics, not ethics."

- Albert Einstein

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