"I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent."

- Thomas Edison

Business & Corporate Law

Allen & Desnoyers LLP‘s attorneys provide proactive counsel while acting as strategic partners to clients. Utilizing a solutions-oriented approach geared toward achieving defined goals and objectives, we help our clients successfully execute their business plans.  Our primary areas of focus encompass a comprehensive range of corporate services.  We employ a collaborative multi-disciplinary team methodology. Whenever needed, we involve other practice areas, including environmental, litigation and real estate. By providing integrated, client-focused advice along with cost-effective strategies, we help our clients leverage resources, minimize risk and achieve their objectives.

Allen & Desnoyers LLP handles such matters as:

Formation of business entities; 

• Licensing, permitting, governance and compliance issues; 

• Advising regarding insurance requirements; 

• Negotiating and drafting contracts, deeds and leases; 

• Providing representation before government agencies;
• Drafting by-laws, codes of ethics and conflict of interest policies; 

• Assisting businesses seeking government contracts; and 

• Structuring joint ventures between businesses. 

Business Formation

Skillful entity selection and structuring are the foundation of intelligent business and financial strategy. It is important to consider long-term goals and tolerance for risk for a start-up business or small business planning. Lawyers at our firm can explain how different legal structures in forming a company impact your level of exposure to personal liability and your ability to react to opportunities for growth.  The process begins with understanding your needs and objectives. We then work to achieve the best possible combination of asset protection, limited liability and risk management.  Our services provide for a range of clients from the privately held start-up to the established public enterprise. Our interdisciplinary teams enable us to provide a cost-effective, creative and multi-faceted analysis and a client-focused approach.

Entity choices include:

  • Subchapter S or C corporations;
  • Partnerships or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP);
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • Non-Profit Corporations; or
  • Sole proprietorship.

Following entity selection, we can also assist with the drafting of all necessary documents, including partnership agreements, articles of incorporation and bylaws. When needed, we can also help you navigate through other issues including, but not limited to, zoning issues, environmental issues and real estate transactions.

Corporate Governance

In this era of corporate accountability, it is imperative to understand corporate governance requirements and required disclosures. We provide counsel to companies, boards of directors, independent committees and executive officers on evolving corporate governance best practices, including:

  • Development of governance standards and codes of ethics;
  • Composition of boards and special committees;
  • Fiduciary duty advice regarding ongoing corporate governance, conflict and transactional matters;
  • Implement best practices under Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank;
  • Compliance reporting under various laws and regulations; and 
  • Director and officer limitation of liability, indemnification and insurance matters.

Contract Matters

The success of a business will be dependent upon a variety of contracts that structure commercial transactions. We advise business owners on all matters relating to legal and commercial transactions, drafting:

  • Purchase and sale agreements;
  • Vendor and customer contracts;
  • Independent contractor and subcontractor agreements;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Promissory notes and guarantees;
  • Commercial property leases; and
  • Shareholder agreements.

Outside General Counsel

An ongoing relationship with an attorney can save your business significant time and money. As your counsel, we can quickly assess and resolve issues as they arise due to our familiarity with your operations. We can also represent you in negotiations, review or draft business contracts and help resolve litigation concerns or partnership disputes.


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