Appellate Advocacy

Allen & Desnoyers LLP provides clients with experienced legal representation in administrative and court appeals. Appellate practice involves timely research, brief writing, oral advocacy and, importantly, familiarity with the particular procedural rules that apply to appeals. 

A&D's seasoned appellate attorneys are prepared to serve as primary counsel on appeals, handling matters from initial notice to final argument, either when A&D has been involved in the initial litigation, or in cases that another firm has handled in the lower courts. Our appellate attorneys also assist other attorneys on appeals, with trial counsel remaining in the lead role or as co-counsel on the appeal and at oral argument.

Our attorneys can assist in preparing and responding to post-verdict motions in the trial court; evaluating prospects for appeal; reviewing the trial transcripts or agency record for appealable issues; analyzing and researching the law; perfecting appeals; preparing appellate briefs and appendices; drafting motions for leave to appeal; presenting oral argument; preparing post-argument motions and petitions for certification or certiorari; or all of the foregoing. We also handle specialized appellate proceedings and amicus curiae briefs.

A&D is equipped to manage appeals in a wide variety of substantive legal areas, including, for example, those involving constitutional issues, environmental regulation, land use, Indian law, insurance, employment and civil rights, personal injury, construction, trust and estates, bankruptcy, commercial disputes, licensing, errors and omissions, public procurement, criminal cases and numerous administrative matters.

"Great cases like hard cases make bad law."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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